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hero-image-Youngsters – new startups first seen at SUD

Youngsters – new startups first seen at SUD

Experience a transformative journey with our refreshing pitching format: Youngsters. It is designed to discover Switzerland’s hidden startup gems who are on a promising track and ready to be shown to the world! Ventures in the pre- or seed phase will showcase their innovation on our national stage to approach investors and receive consultation from experts and valuable market insights.

Unlock hidden treasures to boost innovation in Switzerland!

Calling Youngsters to the spotlight

We’re on the lookout for Swiss innovators who fulfil the following facts:

  • Your startup is in the seed or pre-seed phase and founded within the last 24 months.
  • You are pursuing a scalable business model based on technology and innovation.
    • DeepTech: Transform expensive research into groundbreaking solutions.
    • AppliedTech: Showcase your general software or tech-based solutions.
  • You have achieved initial success already, for example with the team, the service or product, financing or in the market.

The Application window has ended. Next week, we announce the pitching startups at #SUD24.

Unlock innovation in Switzerland!

Over the last few months, we received more than 120 applications, and the quality of the submissions was exceptional. Our expert jury carefully selected 18 outstanding startups for their innovative #DeepTech or #AppliedTech ideas. On 30 May 2024, all of them took the stage and delivered impressive presentations about their innovative technologies.

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Pitching startups

Alter Ego

Alter Ego offers a virtual fitting room tool for D2C brands, allowing users to create personal avatars and digitally try on clothes, reducing returns by 22% and increasing conversion rates by 16%.


Batterylog optimizes battery health, extends lifespan, and reduces costs through advanced algorithms and digital twin technology.

Beyond Scroll SA

Beyond Scroll SA develops oil-free scroll compressors for shallow geothermal drilling in urban areas, revolutionizing green hydrogen production and reducing carbon emissions.

Biosimo Chemicals

Biosimo Chemicals produces sustainable chemicals using innovative catalytic processes, significantly reducing carbon emissions and harmful chemical usage in traditional chemical production methods.


Borobotics develops a bore robot for shallow geothermal drilling in urban areas, integrating the drill within the bore hole and operating autonomously, reducing space requirements by 84% and making geothermal heating and cooling more accessible and environmentally friendly.


Citus provides an evidence-based, objective approach to measure skin characteristics with NIMBLE, offering a fully quantitative skin score up to 10 times more sensitive than traditional methods.


CompagOs develops diagnostic solutions to predict fractures in bone disease patients from a single blood sample, aiding early treatment and aiming to become a standard diagnostic tool in bonehealth.


DigeHealth introduces a 24/7 monitoring system with AI predictive alerts to facilitate early detection and intervention for bowel obstructions, potentially avoiding the need for surgical procedures, and enhancing patient care through continuous, real-time data analysis.

IMAI MedTech

IMAI MedTech revolutionizes tissue analysis with an innovative platform that enables automated preparation of 3D tissue samples and accurate spatial imaging within two days, significantly improving diagnostic accuracy and supporting early and accurate cancer diagnosis.

Inveel GmbH

Inveel GmbH equips robots with advanced sensing capabilities through its revolutionary robotic sensory skin technology, providing robots with the feeling of touch, significantly enhancing their safety, efficiency, and adaptability in various domains.

Lightium AG

Lightium AG offers PIC foundry and design services based on its proprietary Thin-Film Lithium Niobate (TFLN) platform, providing unmatched photonic performance with 2x bandwidth and 4x reduced power consumption, enabling manufacturers to meet the growing demand for higher bandwidth in industries like Telecom and Datacom.

Manukai AG

Manukai AG’s CAM Copilot automates Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) programming, reducing production costs by up to 20% and saving mechanics’ time by 50%, optimizing production speed, part quality, and tool wear, paving the way for fully autonomous factories and delivering an average cost saving of 15%.

MindMetrix AG

MindMetrix AG develops eye-tracking technology that allows users to control their brain’s arousal level through a patented pupil-based neurofeedback method, with their first product, myFlow, designed to help athletes improve mental strength and regeneration.

Rheo AG

Rheo AG creates vital+, an all-in-one wearable that continuously streams patients’ vital signs directly into hospital electronic health records, allowing nurses to focus on patient care while enhancing data accuracy and efficiency.

Riverkin GmbH

Riverkin GmbH addresses water management challenges with their Smart Freshwater Ecosystem, which includes advanced sensors and a data platform to measure water quality, predict disasters, and implement effective mitigation strategies.

Sallea AG

Sallea AG develops a proprietary platform that supports the growth of cells into textured, whole-cut meat and fish fillets using 3D, edible, high-precision scaffolds, enabling the production of thicker meat cuts compared to competitors.

SolidWatts SA

SolidWatts SA develops high-performance Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) for efficient radio frequency dielectric heating, offering a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-based heating with precise control and enhanced safety.

Tethys Robotics

Tethys Robotics develops compact underwater drones for autonomous inspections in challenging aquatic environments, reducing the need for divers and enhancing inspection quality by navigating fast-flowing waters and maintaining autonomy in poor visibility.

All applicants

  • Fill in the application form.

All selected Youngsters

  • Participate in the pitch training.
  • Prepare yourself for the pitch on our national stage.
  • Promote your participation at #SUD and publicise the session.
  • Make time to join #SUD24 on 30 May 2024.

All selected Youngsters

  • Be present with your logo on our website and platform.
  • Gain visibility within our community (newsletter and Social Media presence).
  • Access all #SUD24 participants on our app.
  • Join the startup days on 30 May 2024 in Bern as our guest.
  • Showcase your startup to the whole Swiss startup ecosystem in Bern.
  • Network with key players like investors, enablers (mentors, coaches) and corporates.
  • Gain insights in sessions.

Catch of the Jury

  • Access the alumni group.
  • Be featured in one podcast episode by Swisspreneur.
  • Be our guest at the Secret Launch in the following year – our exclusive pre-event gathering for invited key players only.

Youngsters journey

1 February, 2024
Application window opens

30 April, 2024
Application window ends

6 May, 2024
Jury evaluates applications

8 May, 2024
Announcement: which Youngsters will pitch?

30 May, 2024
startup days: Youngsters live on stage in Bern

Announcement: “Catch of the jury”


  • For us startup days is the most important event of the year because it’s the place where the entire ecosystem meets to network annually.
    Muster Muster
  • The 1:1 meetings are such a great tool to talk to potential partners face-to-face. Especially when getting in touch for the very first time it’s helpful to build the base for a potential business res
    Carin Lightner, CEO and Co-Founder, ENANTIOS

The jury


Dr. iur. Thomas Bähler

Partner, Kellerhals Carrard; President Youngsters Jury


Franco Chicherio



Olivier Chuard

Founder and Chairman Of The Board at Nau Media AG (Ltd.), Member of the Board of Livesystems AG (Ltd.)


Dr. Manuel Fankhauser

CEO, Seerave Foundation


Maria Friedrich

Entrepreneurship Manager, ETH Zürich


Daniel Gerber

Corporate Development, Post CH Communication Ltd.


Dr. Dominik Isler

Co-Organizer, startup days


Fadoua Jemmali

Technology Consultant, Olive Oil Entrepreneur


Angus Muirhead

CFA, Managing Director, Head of Equities Credit Suisse Asset Management, Member of the Evaluation Board at the Wyss Foundation Switzerland


Dr. Siew-Veena Sahi

CEO & Founder, Testmate Health


Cédric Schlosser

Co-founder & CEO, MYI AG


Andrea Silberschmidt-Buhofer

Managing Partner, @EquityPitcher Ventures


Stefan Troller

Senior Vice President, Partner, Helbling Technik Bern AG

Thomas H.-Zurbuchen

Prof. Dr. Thomas H. Zurbuchen

Professor and Director, Department of Earth Sciences, ETH Zurich


Youngsters FAQs

When does the next application window open for startup days 2025?

We’ll open the application window for the next pitching opportunity in winter. Stay tuned – we’ll announce it in our newsletter and social media.

Who is eligible to apply for Youngsters?

Swiss startups in the seed or pre-seed phase founded within the last 24 months. The venture works in two key areas – DeepTech or AppliedTech – and can demonstrate an initial success, e.g. team, service/product, financing or market.

What are the focus areas for innovation in this format?

We welcome startups in two key innovation areas:

  • DeepTech: solutions and products based on very expensive basic or applied research
  • AppliedTech: general software or technology-based solutions
Can startups outside of Switzerland apply?

Currently, Youngsters is dedicated to startups within Switzerland. That means your startup is founded in Switzerland, your headquarter is in Switzerland or one of your founders is Swiss.

What’s the benefit for investors?

Investors will discover the latest newcomers with innovative ideas in the Swiss startup ecosystem. Explore ventures in seed or pre-seed phase founded within the last 24 months and which hasn’t been on any stage before.

What makes Youngsters different from other pitching events?

Youngsters focuses on early-stage startups who are on the market for not longer than 24 months. The startups have the chance to present their innovation for the first time to the whole Swiss startup ecosystem. Additionally, the refreshed pitching format provides Youngsters a platform to approach investors, gain visibility, and receive personalized feedback.

What criteria will the jury use to select the startups?

The jury selects young companies that stand out in a promising technology which is scalable, and at the same time the startup has already built up a motivated team.

What’s the “Catch of the Jury”?

Among the few startups selected to present their innovation on stage at the startup days, there are a handful of “catches” that particularly impressed the jury. We call this group “Catch of the Jury” and they are chosen after the live pitches and receive an extra portion of support, e.g. mentoring, coaching, alumni group, featuring in podcast, guest at the Secret Launch 2025.

Is there a fee to apply or participate?

No, there is no application or participation fee. We believe in providing equal opportunities for all qualifying startups.

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