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Startup INVEST Members get a free ticket

If you are eligible for a discount please request code: code@startupinvest.ch


  • STARTUP INVEST member entitled to a PROMOTION CODE but have not received it yet? can claim it at code@startupinvest.ch

  • STARTUP? Complete your company profile and remember to apply for a slot at the pitching battle

  • INVESTOR/CORPORATE? Complete your company profile and set your interests

  • INVESTOR DINNER: Entitled members & sponsors will recieve an invite separately


STEP 1 >>


Register with new profile (first participation) or
confirm your participation with your existing profile

STEP 2 >>

Startup INVEST

Confirmation E-Mail

STEP 3 >>

Startup INVEST

Profile review and approval within 48 hours

STEP 4 >>


Payment (if not done before)

STEP 5 >>

Startup INVEST

After Payment Confirmation E-Mail that your Profile has been activated

STEP 6 >>


Now you can Plan your DAYs and see who else is attending:

  • Startups: Apply for pitching battle
  • Investors & Corporates: apply for a slot on Stage
  • Book your masterclasses & workshops
  • Choose your keynotes & panels
  • Start booking 1:1 meetings