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Our partners

Meet the ventures who share our passion to unlock Switzerland. Thanks to them we are able to co-create memorable moments and spread entrepreneurial innovation.

The partner benefits

Add spices to your business with a tailored partnership:
Innovate faster. Collaborate better. Grow stronger.

  • Showcase your business and service to the whole Swiss startup ecosystem.
  • Network and share experiences with like-minded innovation enthusiasts.
  • Explore innovative solutions and technologies from startups to enhance your own business.
  • Gain fresh perspectives and new ideas to stay agile and innovative in your industry.
  • Access new market opportunities that can help to remain competitive in your industry and grow your core business.
Presenting Partners
Logo Gebert Rüf Stiftung
Logo Swisscom
Main Partners
Logo Innosuisse
Logo Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI)
Network Partners
Logo Ace & Company
Logo Basel's Startup Ecosystem
Logo Berner Fachhochschule
Logo Dassault Systemes
Logo ETH Zürich
Logo European Space Agency
Logo Fongit
Logo Group Mutuel
Logo Helbling
Logo Innovaud
Logo Kellerhals Carrard
Logo Lakestar
Logo Lexr
Logo Microsoft
Logo Niederer Kraft und Frey
Logo P&TS
Logo PMI
Logo S-GE
Logo Sitem SSC
Logo Startfeld
Logo Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation
Logo Swissnex
Logo Technopark
Logo Tenity
Logo Universität Bern
Logo Vi Partners
Logo Walder Wyss
Logo Wenger Vieli
Logo Wyss Zurich
Logo Zürcher Kantonalbank
Logo beadvanced
Logo Bern Economic Development Agency
Host Secret Launch
Logo Wenger Vieli
Official Time Keeper
Logo Breitling
Logo ETH Rat
Swiss Startup Network
Logo EO Zurich
Logo Seca
Logo Start Global
Logo Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation
Logo Swiss Startup Association
Logo Swiss Ventures Group
Logo Swisspreneur
Logo Venture
Logo Venture Kick
Logo Venture Lab
Logo Zünder
Community Partner
Logo FemUp
Logo Impact Hub
Logo Inartis
Logo Tech4Eva
Event Partner
Logo Bern
Logo Form
Logo Kilchenmann
Logo Newsroom
Logo Pop e Poppa
Logo Securitas
Logo startup ticker
Logo Swisspreneur