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Unlock female entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurs and investors are still underrepresented, lack representation and opportunities within the Swiss startup ecosystem. Despite their immense potential, women often face barriers such as limited access to funding, networks, and mentorship. Collective provides a platform that bridges this gap by uniting various organizations and initiatives that foster diversity and female entrepreneurship.

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Stronger together

Together we offer a space for collaboration, transparent resources, and meaningful connections. Collective aims to empower female entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive, innovate, and contribute to the Swiss startup scene with their unique perspectives and talents.

Collective Roundtable 2023

The birth of Collective

In 2022, the Collective was founded through the combined efforts of SICTIC and startup days, led by Dr. Cornelia Gut-Villa and Dominik Isler. They identified a landscape full of various initiatives and institutions promoting diversity and female entrepreneurship. However, there was a noticeable lack of comprehensive oversight and harmonized efforts. To address this gap, startup days took on the responsibility of central coordination, a task entrusted to the skillful stewardship of Melanie Kovacs.

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Cornelia Gut-Villa

Managing Director, Foundation Startfeld


Dominik Isler

Co-Organizer, startup days


Melanie Kovacs

Lead Collective, startup days